TCHF Funerals For Life PhotoWelcome to Funerals For Life! We are a one of a kind event service operating out of Portland, Oregon. We strive to blend campy morbid humor with the somberness of loss to create a quirky, unique, once-in-a-lifetime send off… for people that are still alive and well!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience your own funeral while still alive? Consider it a dress rehearsal. We will tend to your corpse, organize your service, and give you a one of a kind send off. You provide: your body and your will. We provide: an experience like none you’ve ever heard of. Do you wonder what your friends and family would say about you if you passed away? Now you can lay still in a comfy box and listen to their true impressions!

What Our Corpses Have To Say:

“This is the most wonderfully weird and creative experience! I threw a surprise funeral for a friend for his birthday and it was even more wonderful than I’d expected.” -Sarah

“It was hands down the best and most creative birthday party I’ve ever had. I would recommend this to anyone…Well worth every penny!” -Nate

“Through this wonderful, sensitive, hilarious, honest, and ridiculous process, I was able to feel death in ways that I wasn’t able to tap in to before. It’s a magnificent experience.” -Allie

“I cant’ wait to die again!” –Erica